M62 to N62 Throttle Body harness

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By using to our throttle body adapter harness you will be able to upgrade your stock M62 throttle body to a much bigger N62 throttle body without the hassle of producing your own. Our wiring harness is made using high quality heat resistant materials and is water and dust resistant. Our design uses a Kevlar based fibre wrap to maintain a clean look. The benefits of upgrading to a larger throttle body is that your engine will be much more responsive and you will receive an average of %11 power increase throughout the whole powerband. This is one of the best solutions to make significant power gains with very little modifications.


Each of our adapters are hand made to a high standard and inspected visually and electrically for defects before they are dispatched. We are constantly improving our production to get you the best product.


NOTE - This product only includes the throttle body harness, you will be required to purchase a N62 throttle body, and an adapter such as the one available on our store to complete the installation.



1x M62 to N62 Throttle Body harness