M60/M62/S62 Coil Pack Upgrade Kit

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Our Coil Pack Upgrade Kit allows for your engine to use N series coil packs. This upgrade will provide over double the energy output of the original coil packs while also providing improved fuel economy. This upgrade is a must for high Horsepower engines or turbo/supercharged engines as the N series coils will provide a more consistent and stronger spark. Our kit has been designed to run with the factory wiring harness and factory ECU on the factory tune, making this upgrade plug-and-play (in order to take advantage of the more powerful coil packs a re-tune is recommended but not necessary). The kit includes 8 wiring harnesses and 8 coil pack brackets, Our wiring harnesses have been designed to outlast race-grade harnesses as they are water resistant, dust resistant, and heat resistant.

Compatible OEM Part #Cross Reference: 12138616153, 12138647689, 12138611236, 12138657273, 12120039634, 12120039664, 12130148594, 12131712219, 12137575010, 12137594596, 12137594937, 12137594938 and 02215044708.


Installation Guide

For installation simply insert the N series coil pack through the coil pack bracket ensuring the rubber boot is bottomed out on the coil pack bracket's lip after that simply push it down into the sparkplug hole ensuring that you hear a click sound (if you do not hear a click sound this means that the coil pack or the coil pack bracket is not aligned properly and is not making contact with the sparkplug, if that happens simply reinstall it). Once everything is securely bolted down simply plug in the wiring harness and you are ready to go as shown in the photos.



8x N Series coil pack adapter harnesses

8x N series coil pack brackets


N series coil packs are not included

Tuning Info

The Dyno Graph shown in the last photo is featuring a M62 4.4L engine with a stage 1 tune using 91 RON Fuel and an upgraded throttle body. Depending on your engine and modifications your results may be different.

Customer Reviews

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John Nagorski
Very Nice Product

These coil adapters are a true upgrade. They are very well made and a welcome addition my BMW e39 M5. I utilized Dinan N series coil packs with them.

Aaron Edmister
Great Product & Upgrade

This is a great product. The wiring adapters are well made and the coil pack brackets are easy to install. I purchased Dinan N series coils packs to go along with this kit. Great addition to my supercharged M60. Thanks.