M60/M62 CCV Delete Kit

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Our M60/M62 CCV Delete Kit is made from the exact material as the factory intake. it is a direct replacement to the original CCV/crankcase ventilation valve on the back of the intake manifold. Failure to the original valve system is highly common on these engines which can also cause blue smoke that appears at the end of the exhaust. This kit allows you to route a hose to an external catch can while also providing multiple vacuum ports which can be highly useful for many applications such as gauges or boost controllers. This is highly recommended for performance and boosted applications. This kit can be used in all M60 / M62 / M62TU engines.

Our CCV Delete Kit will come with all of the vacuum fittings pre-installed and pressure tested. When removing or reinstalling the vacuum ports please make sure to not overtighten the ports, as they should only be hand tight to prevent cross threading.


  • 1x M60/M62 CCV Delete plate
  • 1x M22 Vacuum Fitting
  • 4x M14 Vacuum Fitting