BMW PERFORMANCE CHIP M43 1.8i / M52 2.8i

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BMW PERFORMANCE CHIP Z3 M43 1.8i / M52 2.8i + 20HP / + 30NM 7200rpm

A Performance Chip for the Z3 is an absolute MUST-HAVE performance upgrade. This chip was developed on the dyno to increase horsepower and torque from low RPM all the way up to the new 7200 RPM rev limit. Our engine management expert tuned the fuel and spark mapping to maximize output when used with 91+ octane fuel. More power, a smoother engine, and better response are the results. Bang for the buck, this is hands-down the best upgrade to do. The rev limiter is raised to 7200 RPM and the top speed limiter has been deleted. 

Performance chip for ECU/DME 0261203447  / 5wk9 0322



M43 1.8i  / m52 2.8i engines 1996-2000


  • gain of 20HP and up to 30NM
  • For use with stock intake and MAF sensor
  • For extra power gain use a cold air intake kit ( K&N example)
  • v-max deleted
  • more torque at high rpm 
  • rev limit set to 7200 rpms (stock is 6400rpm)